Our Cheese

Montagu Cheese is an artisan cheese made in the traditional Dutch style by our cheese makers who have been making the cheese for over 18 years. The cheese is of a high quality and made from pasture fed cows milk.

The cheese has no artificial additives, preservatives, flavourants or maturation agents and is suitable for vegetarians. 


Young, farmhouse cheese originating in Holland.  This is a Gouda type cheese although it doesn't follow a typical Gouda recipe. It can be best described mild and creamy with a slightly nutty flavour that becomes stronger as it matures. This washed cheese is our most popular as it is versatile and enjoyed by all.

In House Flavours

Our flavoured cheese use our Plaaskaas as a base and are developed in house using the best local ingredients available.

These cheeses are mild and creamy with full flavour of the specific spice or herb.  The flavours are as follows:

  • Basilicum – dried basil

  • Spotted Black – crushed and whole black pepper corn

  • Bieslook – fresh green chives

  • Komijnkaas – whole cumin seeds

Wynland Cheddar

Matured artisanal, farm style cheddar (matured for 8-12 months). This is a hard and natural cheese with full flavour, crumbly texture and the traditional cheddar bite which sharpens over time and maturation. 

Montagu Mature

This Boerenkaas is an old matured artisan farm cheese and is strong and vibrant. It has been matured for 18 months during which it is turned many times during miniaturization until it reaches its desired degree of ripeness.  This gives the cheese a robust, mature and unique flavour.

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