Montagu Cheese is a family run business specialising in hand made artisinal cheeses.


Montagu Cheese was taken over by Denham Bowker in July 2012 after being established on a farm outside of Swellendam in 2000. The business now operates in the small town of Montagu, with the cheesery based on a farm just outside Bonnievale, in the Western Cape.

The beautiful jersey and jersey cross cows are milked on the farm a short distance from the cheesery, making us an Estate Cheese.


Montagu Cheese uses traditional, old Dutch cheese making techniques and recipes that use only pasture fed cows milk. Our cheeses are all  semi- hard  cheeses so they have a perfect balance of moisture and aridity and has a firm but delicate texture. Our cheese is taken directly from their moulds and is coated, thereafter being matured for between one and eighteen months.

No additives, flavourants or colourants are used in our process and our cheese is cured in a large maturation room where it undergoes daily care to ensure the best quality.


Some Interesting Facts:

  • Louise Plaatjies, our cheese maker has been with the business for all 18 years!!!

  • Our favorite "Word Cow" was quickly whipped up when we needed a label, and has become an integral part of our brand. 

  • We are an "Estate" cheese which means from Cow to finished product is all on the same farm.

  • Our signature cheese, Plaaskaas (meaning farm cheese) is also known as a Boerenkaas as it is made on a farm, in a small cheesery with pasture fed cows milk.  We decided to call it Plaaskaas to differentiate ourselves.

  • The green chives are grown in our very own gardens, so are totally organic and handpicked!


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