About Montagu Cheese


Montagu Cheese is a high quality artisan cheese made in the traditional Dutch style by our own cheese makers who have been making the cheese for nearly 20 years. Our cheese has no artificial additives, preservatives, flavourants or maturation agents and is suitable for vegetarians. 

Our cheese is made from free range, organic jersey cow’s milk, non-animal rennet and specific diary cultures. The in-house flavours are infused with organic, non iodated herbs or spices. We grow the green chives ourselves.

The Cows and Milk

Montagu Cheese is an Estate Cheese as it is made on the farm where the cows are milked. The cows are pasture fed and no grains or other hormone enriched feeds so our cows could be supplying a lot more milk with certain supplements, but this is not our philosophy. All pastures, if not natural grass, are sown and watered and the cows can graze freely on the land. Pasture is harvested to utilise in times of drought, or if a little more feed is required during colder weather.

The Cheese

Our cheeses are matured for various amounts of time on wooden shelves where they are monitored and turned to ensure the best maturation conditions.  All our cheeses are classified as semi hard cheeses.


Plaaskaas is our original Dutch farm cheese. It is our younger cheese and it is a washed cheese, which means that after the whey is drained out, fresh water is added to the curds before being drained for a second time. This is part of the traditional recipe and adds to the unique flavour.  The plaaskaas is versatile, full of flavour, melts well and can be enjoyed by the whole family. It grates well and can be frozen, still keeping its great flavour and texture.


Our in-house flavours are plaaskaas based cheeses although they are unwashed as herbs or spices are added.

  • Basilicum – dried basil

  • Bieslook – fresh, homegrown green chives

  • Komijnkaas – dried cumin seeds

  • Spotted Black – crushed and whole black pepper corns

The herbs and flavours come through well in each cheese and these work well on platters, grated over pastas or on sandwiches.


The Wynland  Cheddar is a traditional mature cheddar. This is not a Dutch cheese, but we introduced it about 10 years ago as many of our customers were asking us to make a traditional, harder cheddar. Since then it has become a very popular cheese especially for use on platters and customers who enjoy a stronger cheese love our Cheddar. We supply it to many hotels and restaurants and the chefs use it on anything from hamburgers to souffles. It is sharp, harder in texture (as a cheddar should be), a true flavourful and zingy cheddar. The cheddar matures for 8 – 12 months.  We can offer a younger cheddar should one require of around 3 – 5 months which is a good option to utilise daily for restaurants and guesthouses.

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